Why I Travel Alone

I've come to love the classic exchange that happens every time I tell someone that I'm about to leave for a trip: "Who are you going with?" "No one. It's just me." "Do you have friends that live there?" "Nope." Usually then some kind of surprised "Oh wow!" which I can't say I really blame... Continue Reading →


So is Frontier really that bad?

I have heard so many complaints about budget airlines like Frontier and Spirit. Delays. Fees. No free snacks. Crappy uncomfortable seats. Because of what I have heard, I have always been hesitant to book a Frontier flight despite being a pretty avid budget traveler. But for my recent trip to San Antonio, Texas, I couldn't... Continue Reading →

12 Hours in Austin

Austin is weird. That's not an insult or offense, it's something Austinites have fully embraced. They've even adopted a slogan - "Keep Austin Weird," their way of encouraging support of their small local businesses. We're talking about the city that has chicken shit bingo (no lie), a Cathedral of Junk which has become an attraction... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate San Antonio Trip

San Antonio was never on my list. Up until a certain point I didn't even know that much about it other than it being the home of the Alamo. Through the summer months of 2018 I was itching to nail down my next destination, but having just moved into an apartment in downtown Philadelphia, an... Continue Reading →

The Journey Begins…

  Welcome to my new blog! The turning point for me was about two years ago, when, fresh out of college, I found that I had nothing holding me back from going anywhere in the world. I had landed my first full-time job and had just passed the three-month period before I could start using... Continue Reading →

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